Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Snowfall!

Typically, as soon as December hits, I tuck my heart up in the hills and catch up with it every time I strap into my snowboard. This winter season has been painfully bare. I don't remember it ever taking so long to snow in Upstate. I've been pining– driving the snowbank-less streets Glens Falls on the way to The Mountain, passing the not-frozen lakes, listening to We Found Love over and over (I bet Rihanna had no idea she was singing about East Coast skiers). Life is tough right now for a snow-lover. 

It was a beautiful, beautiful thing to wake up to the sound of the snowplow this morning, look out the window and say good morning to several inches of fresh pow! 

(A few inches may not seem like much, but when you're parched, even mud puddles look Brita-fresh.) 

I am loving this– I started off the morning playing outside with Bingley. 

Bingley can make snowballs!
Can't wait to be on the slopes tomorrow, keep it up Momma N! 



  1. Today it almost reached 60. SIXTY! I left my coat unbuttoned in the dead of winterrrrr!!

  2. Nice! I'm slightly jealous that we had to leave and missed the snow, but very glad that you've finally got some to play in :) Winter is so much better that way!